oil separator

Oil Separators

Oil Separators

Our leading systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications and in power plants, civil and military shipbuilding. Our systems are used wherever the focus is on operational safety, quality
and environmental protection.

Our Supplier is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers in the world and the world leader in components and systems for combustion engines and peripherals.

Own developments based on efficient modular designs, increasingly tough environmental regulations
pose welcome challenges for the Manufacturer’s highly skilled and inspired development engineers who use their broad expertise with systematic innovation to produce results. These are evidenced
by numerous patents for core technology elements and our diverse range of products that
make an important contribution to advanced process and environmental engineering

The Manufacturer’s global success is driven by products that are perfectly tailored to meet our customers’ requirements—products which deliver unsurpassed cost-effectiveness due to their
modular design. Ten of the world’s top 15 ship-building companies and the world’s three
largest shipyards equip their ships with our environmentally friendly, high quality systems,
placing their trust in the outstanding operating security of our systems.
Constant quality and safety, supplying highly efficient, customized solutions for a wide range of
Bilge water separation , Ballast water treatment, Cooling lubricant and detergent processing
Industrial waste water cleaning, Separation technology for the oil industry, Oil and fuel treatment for engines, turbines, and gears, heavy oil filtration; Protection for hydraulic systems, pipelines,
transfer and circulation systems;

This comprehensive portfolio is rounded off by customer support services precisely tailored to
the customers’ needs, including retrofitting and the integration of new units.