berthold non-contact measurement

Non-contact Measurement

We offer solutions for the non-contacting measurement of level, density, bulk flow, moisture, and concentration. Our manufacturer is the global leader in radiometric technology and products are characterized by an outstanding measurement performance and reliability.

level-measurement-philippines                Level Measurement

We supply radiometric level measurement systems for continuous level measurement,  mould level measurements, and high level and low level alarm.

density-measurement               Density Measurement

Products for Density or Concentration Measurement of Acids, Suspensions, and Slurries.

bulk-flow-measurement-philippines               Bulk Flow Measurement

Bulk flow meter for various conveying systems, belt and screw conveyors, and pneumatic conveyors.

moisture-measurement-philippines               Moisture Measurement

Moisture analyzers for online measurement on bunkers, chutes and conveyor belts.

concentration-measurement               Concentration Measurement

Dry Substance, Brix Value, Concentration and Water content measured with Microwaves.

analyzer-philippines               Analyzers

Online Analyzers for specific product properties, e.i. Ash in Coal or Carbon in Fly Ash

sources               Sources

The radiation sources used in our radiometric systems are the most secure on the market.

shielding               Shielding Containers

Adapted to the individual measurement requirements and our shielding containers allows optimum shielding effect.