MTU Diesel Engine Parts

We supply original spare parts at very competitive prices for German made Diesel Engine in particular MTU, and Detroit Diesel which belongs to MTU group.

We are not limited to any products or engine types. We can supply almost everything; from filters to gaskets, from cylinder heads to nozzles, from pistons to valves, etc.

We are selling these Diesel engine parts to many parts of the world including several countries in Asia, even China.

The reason why we are very competitive is because our sources are not from the engine manufacturers but from their sources -from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Bosch and many others directly. We, our partners in Germany have the know how, the experience of more than 40 years and the contacts necessary to run such a business successfully.

In order for us to make an offer, we need the detailed list of your requirement indicating the part numbers and the required quantity per item. Also the engine type, the serial number and the description of the part would be helpful to avoid any misunderstanding but are not absolutely necessary.