Coal Feeders

We offer a wide range of sophisticated and tested storage and discharge systems.

Our drag chain conveyor division handles all transport matters, planning the shortest and most affordable path to e.g. transporting bulk solids to interim storage and/or delivering material for the production process or to the combustor.

We also handle other procedural requirements such as gravimetric and/or pressure surge protected systems that can handle up to 3.5 bar of explosion pressure for areas such as combustibles conveyance in power plants, or increased temperature requirements for dry boiler deashing, filter ash discharge, waste transport, and work with various types of dust removal or calcination facilities.

We also deliver wet slag remover, consisting of a slat conveyor or drag chain conveyor system installed underneath the combustor.

drag-chain-conveyor mill-feeder-plate-conveyor
              Drag Chain Conveyor                      Mill Feeder Conveyor
discharge of bulk solids  box-feeder
              Extromat                                  Box Feeder